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Kristine is a certified professional coach, licensed marriage and family therapist, inspirational public speaker, author, and school psychologist.

Kristine received her graduate degree in counseling from the University of San Diego. She received post-graduate credentials in both school psychology and school counseling at Chapman University in San Diego. She is a sought after public speaker and has spoken on such topics as adolescent depression, relationship communication and most recently spoke at the third annual national conference for "Girl Bullying and other forms of Relational Aggression." She is considered an expert in the field of child/adolescent behaviors.

Kristine’s intuitive nature and well-rounded experience guides individuals, children, and families toward attaining life fulfilling goals and realizing their true potential.  Kristine maintains a private practice seeing clients for either therapeutic counseling or relationship coaching in Encinitas, California.  Further, she has years of on-going experience as an educational psychologist, providing psycho-educational evaluations for children struggling with learning difficulties.  Kristine Rose Grant

Specializing in children’s issues, Kristine has created the “BFF: Be Friendship Focused” program for easily leading an anti-bullying group process for kids.  The BFF program is ideally suited for children between the ages of 8 and 11.  This is a very easy to follow manual including concepts, scripted samples for group leader language, and fun-filled group exercises.  Along with that, she has created the BFF: A-Z Power Card deck, a children’s deck of cards that is word -based to inspire conversation or create an opening for exploring/building positive character traits or ideals.

See Kristine's store for more information on each product.

Kristine also has a very unique customized letter-writing service known as Inspired Heart Letters.

Kristine is a very talented writer who has an amazing intuitive gift for writing effective personal letters on behalf of a client.  These powerful inspired and "healing" letters capture the heart of any given matter and lend an opening for resolve.

Visit the menu tab Inspired Heart Letters for more information.