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Contact:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 760.500.8551

Kristine is a licensed marriage and family therapist, certified professional coach, school psychologist, published author and inspirational speaker.


Kristine is available for public speaking on a variety of topics.

Her broad, in-depth background lies within the realms of relationship coaching, and family therapy combined with her extraordinary ability to motivate others through humor and wisdom. Kristine engages audiences with sense of fun and enlightenment!

AntiBullying and other forms of Relational Aggression; Compassionate Communication including an engaging lecture on how men can best “Win with Women” by improving their dating skills and create more successful relationships.

Other favorite topics involve - The Significant Connection Between the Body-Mind and our Emotions.



Kristine offers a unique Online Letter Writing Service otherwise known as "Inspired Heart Letters." She artfully composes persuasive healing letters for any type of relationship issue. These intuitive, profound letters have an amazing healing influence upon the heart of any given matter. The results of these inspired letters are often astounding, clarifying, and may create a true opening for resolve!

Kristine maintains a private individual/family therapy practice in Encinitas, California. In addition, she professionally coaches other clients toward creating, and having joyful, loving relationships.


BFF: Be Friendship Focused - See product description below.

BFF A-Z Power Cards - See product description below.

Inspired Heart Letters – See menu tab for details regarding this powerful letter writing method for influencing and inspiring a positive shift, creating a better understanding, and healthy resolve for any relational issue or concern.


Kristine is a Certified "Calling In The One" Coach.  This is a 7 week process for manifesting your Soul Mate.


Kristine specializes in psycho-educational evaluations for children undergoing learning issues. In addition, she is an experienced forensic evaluator.


BFF A-Z Power Cards – This 26 card deck is a useful tool for engaging youngsters in individual or group discussions that reference character-building traits. Each Power Card is artfully designed by Kristine and her daughter, Alana Joy, along with inspirational words and thoughts for contemplation.

BFF: Be Friendship Focused – This is a very user friendly and easy to follow manual ideally suited for leading groups of children between the ages of 8 – 11 or prior to attending middle school. This group intervention program focuses upon peer conflict resolution through personal empowerment and social skills development.